Our Story

Food is our foundation. The magical qualities of sharing a meal bring people together. From it’s medicinal value to its ability to break down many cultural barriers, the power of fresh, simple, meals shared is the fuel behind Poa Cafe.

The word “Poa” is the response “Everything is cool” in Swahili, and it’s used in a greeting amongst friends to the question, “Mambo”, which asks “hey, How’s everything ?

The idea to open a cafe came about on a volunteer trip to Tanzania, Africa in 2013. While there with my then 6 year old, the meals we shared eliminated the cultural and age barriers, with mealtimes lasting hours, creating friendships and telling stories. They were the most important part of our entire experience. With each recipe shared, we learned more about the culture and history of our new friends, and they about us.

Upon our return to the states, fired up by Tanzania’s community and family spirit, Poa Cafe was born.