The name Poa means “Everything is Cool” or “All Good” in Swahili, and was inspired by a family volunteer trip to Tanzania, Africa.  "The experience was so rewarding. It taught me many lessons in life about about being present and enjoying time with our friends and family.  How our most special moments revolve around mealtime, and how important that is in our lives. I wanted to pack that feeling up and bring it back home." A cafe environment seemed like the best platform to cultivate such a lifestyle. “Then 6 months later, my travel buzz faded, and there I was, owning a cafe. We've been letting it take shape organically as we progress and letting our customers decide what works."  

Simplicity and wellness.  At Poa, we care about creating  connections and promoting a healthy lifestyle more than serving the perfect artisinal cup of coffee. We blend the concept of a cafe culture with wellness, food, leisure and conversation.. Mealtimes become meaningful experiences and food is medicine.

A place for socializing with friends and family. We strive to set positive examples for our kids and to help foster a healthier generation.  We teach them how to navigate the social  experience of sharing a meal from a young age. It's an activity that contributes to our physical, social and mental well being.