The name Poa means “Everything is Cool/ All is good” in Swahili, and was inspired by a volunteer trip to Tanzania, Africa in 2013. Traveling reminds us of how our most special moments often revolve around mealtimes and how important that is for friendships, family and communities to flourish. Food is the great connector, and our purest way of communicating. What better way to share this thought than by providing a platform that supports health and sustainability for our local and global neighbors. 

Poa Cafe is going on it's 5th year, and has organically taken shape into a friendly neighborhood cafe, serving simple thoughtful healthy foods, coffee, smoothies and elixirs.  The cafe is open 8am-3pm, within extended Happy Hour in the summer.  Brunch service ends at 2pm and includes Gluten Free, Vegan, Keto and Whole Foods options. Workshops and Events scheduled from 3pm at Poa Cafe, and SOAK Bar will be opening on the patio for Brunch and Happy Hour, serving specialty craft sodas, syrups and healthy cocktails. 

Poa blends a modern cafe culture concept with leisure and conversation.. We provide a needed space for socializing with friends and family. A place where mealtimes become meaningful experiences. Young families have taken a special liking to Poa Cafe's thoughtfully curated kid's area. children (with the help of their caretakers and parents) learn how to navigate the social experience of sharing a meal, from a young age. And as a community, we set positive examples for our youth, and help foster a healthier next generation.  The celebratory nature of food is universal and it's an activity that contributes to our physical, social and mental well being. And it tastes so good.