Our Story

The joy of sharing a meal is remarkable, it’s a moment where we can all truly begin to understand each other. The word “Poa” means “everything is cool” in Swahili, and used as a response to the greeting “Mambo”, which asks “how is everything?” While on a volunteer trip to Tanzania, Africa, owner Janice Grube, found the best way to communicate with friends of all ages and backgrounds, was by preparing and sharing a meal together. Barriers were quickly broken down and close friendships were developed. As weeks went by and more time was spent in the markets and the kitchen, she was hooked. She decided that when she arrived back home in the states, she would make some drastic lifestyle (and career) changes. Hard work ensued and months later, Poa Cafe opened doors in January 2014. Janice’s husband, Greg, and two kids, have helped build Poa into a community-inspired cafe where everyone is welcome, conversations are encouraged and healthy, happy living is our main goal.