We are currently booking events for the Holiday Season! 

Book your next gathering at Poa Cafe, located in Portland’s popular N Williams district area, neighboring both Alberta and Mississippi districts. Street parking is available with private entrances. Clean, modern decor throughout with 1900 sq ft of open floor space in the front cafe area and 1,600 sq ft in the back patio bar area,  to allow for flexibility with seating.  

Seating capacity = 100 Standing = 200

The newly renovated patio bar/  outdoors area is equipped with a modern fire pit, stringing globe lights twinkling from the large covered pergola area, full bar with Grill/ Pizza oven kitchen and a beautiful herb garden that is perfect for photo opps.

We offer competitive pricing with low min rental fees. To meet these minimums, all catering, drink and other misc costs can be applied. If you do not meet the minimums, the remaining costs will be 

BOOKING MINIMUMS                                                                                       up to 25peeps - 2 hrs btw 3-6pm= $200 in or out only                                  25-50p a 3 hr = $400 (time + space negotiable)                                                          50p = $500 3 hr Time flexible between 3pm-11pm                                                 All out Buy minimum $1,000 Time Flexible

15% Gratuity is not included and will be added to the final price.  Each Additional hour is $150.

contact or 503-704-8886

Total fees will vary according to your specific needs. Please call or email us at and let us know the following so we can better assist you with finding the best package.

Do you have a budget?
Type of event? Personal or corporate
How many Adults/children?
Indoors/ Out/ or Both?
Needs- Fire pit? Film projector?
Do you plan to hire our caring ?
Food/ Drinks?
Beers / Craft Cocktails?







CATERING FOOD + COCKTAILS    We offer everything from self service buffet bars to full service dining. Our goal is to make your event unique with specialty craft cocktails, locally sourced nutritious meals, and a friendly staff.   


  • If alcoholic drinks are being served, we must provide a bartender $20/ hr - this is whether or not you purchase drinks from us.

  • Guests can bring in food at an additional price of $2 /pp plating fee or choose a custom meal/ catering option cooked onsite by our team.

  • We can provide limited counter service, appetizers, the food ahaslllll;x, buffets or family-style dining experiences.

  • Use of cooling or heating an additional $30 charge for each, use of dishwater and washing (without catering services) is $4/ pp, $10 for ice.

  • Bar- customized cocktails- additional and sold by the pitcher

  • $12 corkage fee for bottled wine/champagne that is brought in.  

  • Please, no outside foods while the cafe is operating to the public until 6pm, foods must be purchased from Poa Cafe.