CAFE is OPEN 8am-4pm CLOSED MONDAYS  .....ALL PRIVATE PARTIES + WORKSHOP SERIES have been put on hold until after the back patio lounge is complete. STAY TUNED for an updated website....

Our goal at Poa is to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which one can thrive. *Please note, Poa cafe is not a kid's cafe, it's a family and friends and community cafe for all.  Of course, we do welcome children of all ages, and people of all backgrounds. We ask you to please gauge the room, respect your neighbors and follow our agreements... Thank you kindly!


RESPECT the cafe and everything in it as you would your own home. BE KIND. Word.  CLEAN UP up after yourselves and your children and NO EATING in the Kid's Corner.  NO RUNNING  and NO YELLING.  We get that kids cry, it's ok. If HUGS don't  do the trick and the crying gets out of control, please STEP OUTSIDE with your child for a breather. As parents, we  know that kids cannot be in one place too long before losing it, so please know their max and take them home before it gets to be too much.  Thank you for teaching your children these important values and for encouraging them to make healthy life choices.