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 Our beautiful back patio has separate private entrance, fire pit, bar and seating for plenty.

Our beautiful back patio has separate private entrance, fire pit, bar and seating for plenty.

Street parking. Two private entrances. Two spaces/ areas for rental or full buy out. Clean, modern decor throughout with open floor plans for flexible seating arrangements.  


2 hours btwn 3-6pm up to 20 people (additional $8 Person)

Includes:Event space, Large flatbread Pizzas for 20, Salad, antipasto                  

Clean up + Gratuity

drinks additional - bar service/ bartender

additional catering to fit your needs



BOOKING - Ballparks-                                                                                       

Book the space only: up to 20 people = 2 hrs $200 between 3-6pm indoors only/ outdoors additional ; $8 / pp more than 20 guests ; 25 - 40 people =  2 hrs $400  between 3-6pm  indoors only                                                         upwards 50 guests = $500  3 hrs, time is flexible; BUY OUT minimum $1,000 Flexible Time/ includes Day 18% Gratuity will be added to the final price if service is added; Catering Options/ Bar options to fit your needs.

Each Additional hour is $150.

To meet our minimum rental costs, catering and drink costs may be applied to your total. 

We offer everything from self service buffet bars to full service dining, workshops, film screenings and more.. 

Total fees will vary according to your specific needs. Liquor is not included in minimum pricing. 

Additional Pricing:

  • Bartender : If alcoholic drinks are being served, we must provide a bartender $20/ hr - this is whether or not you purchase drinks from us.

  • Guests can bring in food at an additional price of $2 /pp plating fee or choose a custom meal/ catering option cooked onsite by our team.

  • We can provide limited counter service, appetizers,  family-style or sit down dining experiences.

  • Use of cooling or heating an additional $30 charge for each, use of dishwater and washing (without catering services) is $4/ pp

  •  $10 for ice.

  • Bar- customized cocktails- additional and sold by the pitcher

  • $12 corkage fee for bottled wine/champagne that is brought in