At Poa, we care about simplicity and wellness. About creating human connections and promoting a healthy lifestyle, more than serving the perfect artisinal cup of coffee. The awesome coffee drinks are just a given.  

Poa cafe blends the modern concept of cafe culture with leisure and conversation.. We provide a platform for socializing with friends and family. Mealtimes become meaningful experiences, and food is the great unifier across cultures and ages. At Poa Cafe, children (with the help of their caretakers and parents) will learn how to navigate the social experience of sharing a meal, from a young age. And as a community, we all need to set positive examples for our youth, and help foster a healthier next generation.  The celebratory nature of food is universal.  It's an activity that will contribute to our physical, social and mental well being.

And even though the cafe as a whole is for everyone, the children's play area is set within an open dining space,  but with modern architecture providing a slight divide. In the same respect, the patio bar is opening out back this Spring and will cater to a more adult crowd... We do have our "Agreements" and we ask everyone to follow them, but kids are kids- they can act up. It's all good = Poa.