Our Story

Food is our foundation. From it’s medicinal value to its ability to break down many cultural barriers, the power of fresh, simple, meals shared is the fuel behind Poa Cafe. The word “Poa” is the response “Everything is cool” in Swahili, and it’s used in a greeting amongst friends to the question, “Mambo”, which asks “hey, How’s everything ?

The idea to open a cafe came about on a volunteer trip to Tanzania, Africa in 2013. While there with my then 6 year old, the cultural and age barriers were easily broken down over mealtimes. I learned more about the culture and history with each recipe shared, and more about the medicinal value and it’s magical qualities which bring people together.

Upon our return to the states and fired up by Tanzania’s community spirit, Poa Cafe was born. At Poa, everyone is welcome and conversations are encouraged. The foods we serve are simple and fresh, beautiful and delicious.