There is beauty in food —

from the aesthetic, to its nutritional and medicinal power, to the way it can make someone feel good by bringing people closer together.


Call ahead for parties of 12 or more, we'll do our best to accommodate.
(503) 954-1243


8am – 4pm
Closed Mondays


Recent visitors to Poa Cafe may have noticed some changes afoot! Renovations, including the addition of a new back patio bar, grill and fire pit, have been in progress for months. More subtle changes are happening in the front cafe space with emphasis on healthy grab + go items. We have also been reworking our menu to include Friday + Saturday Happy Hour and Dinners tentatively scheduled for May.

What's in the name?

The Swahili word "Poa" describes your general well being as being in a good mood everything is cool.  It's a response most often used when someone says "Mambo" or "How are you doing?".  The answer is Poa! "Im cool!" The name is inspired by our 2014 mom + son volunteer trip to Tanzania, Africa.  The days revolved around mealtimes, where curiosity was encouraged and cultural barriers did not exist. Each meal brought about a new, humbling experience based around the act of procuring, preparing and sharing food. I wanted to capture that feeling and bring a bit of it home with me.